/ general

Hi there! I am an interdisciplinary designer perpetually trying to figure out how stuff works, whether it’s color theory or croissants. At present, I'm in Oakland, CA exploring and contributing to the world(s) of vegan food and participatory art.

/ art

As an artist, I enjoy exploring new mediums and techniques. My primary background is in illustration and fine art, but I also have experience with character art and graphic design. Soon I will be publishing my portfolio on this site. In the mean time, here's some of my personal branding.

/ tech

I've been making my way around the world of web development and programming more generally, with a few classes, hackathons, and professional projects here and there. I'm particularly interested in new ways to share science and visualize information. Professionally, I've gotten my hands on a few liquid handlers.

/ food

Several years ago, I found allergy-friendly baking to be an exciting challenge, akin to painting with a limited palette. My kitchen pursuits have nurtured a love of material science and a passion for kinder food systems. I write a vegan food blog with recipes and restaurant reviews.